quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

Famous Blue Raincoat ~ by Leonard Cohen

Ariadne took this song to class and asked us to comment on the story, who the speaker was, and the addressee and so on..

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  1. Like we discussed in class, the song is on a letter format. I think that he is writting to a frind that "distroyed" his marriage wit Jane. But this betrayal is not that clear in the narrative. I imagine that she had a relationship with 'Famous Blain raincoat' and in the letter the speaker is forgiving him of it.

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  3. Beatifull, so so much beatifull.

    I still remember the time you talk to me about Leo Cohen, Cesaria Evora, Mariene Pierrot at that museum. It was on wednesday, thursday or another day. Evening, a nice day. Precious years to remember. I still remember that history about Barthes at Modern Art Museum, the laughters. Cines, cups of coffes, proparoxitones words, books -T.S Elliot, Whitman, Sexton.(Some precious dreams too).

    Now you is a English teacher, I am a Historian...
    "I'm glad you stood in my way".

    You'll never back to this time again. Me neither.

  4. Sorry...

    the current word above is "beatiful" not Beatifull, ok? bad Pc...


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